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Foot care should be an important part in our lives. After all, our feet are the only thing that will, literally, keep us moving. We understand that everyone’s feet is different, thus making the search for the ultimate comfort shoe difficult. There are many articles on this subject, and you’ve probably heard it all, so we’ll cut to the chase and point out some of the most important things we’ve discovered throughout our many years of experience.

The Correct Fit

Take a good look at the shoes you have now. What shoe size are they? Most people think they know their shoe size. Size is a huge factor in keeping your feet healthy and surprisingly most people do it wrong. It's because there are many misleading information out there that may cause confusion. To keep your feet healthy you must find a shoe that fits your feet correctly.

Too Small / Too Big

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Some people believe they can fit into their size when they were 21. Studies show, unfortunately, that as people age, their feet will grow. A person can expect to gain a half inch to one inch foot size as they age. Other factors to consider is that feet will swell throughout the day. A shoe that is comfy in the morning might hurt and fit differently by the end of the day.

Shopping for a shoe during the afternoon or evening when your feet are at their fullest can help prevent this problem. When first tried on, a good shoe should not squeeze your feet. Have enough toe room- at least ⅜” to ½” an inch between your toes and the front of the shoe. Also don’t be hasty to believe you can break a shoe in if it hurts when trying it on for the first time. All shoes will need to be broken into regardless, but if there is pain from the beginning, there will most likely be pain all the time.

On the other hand, many people will go with the idea that they need a shoe size bigger. Indeed, feet will swell, but it will do so all over, not in length. It is good to have a little extra room, but you don’t want your feet swimming in your shoe. If a shoe is too big, your feet will slip forward, causing discomfort. One should never fight to keep a shoe from slipping off their feet.

Look in a mirror when trying on a shoe. If there is room in between the shoe and your heel, it is too big. Walk in the shoes. The rule of thumb is to see if your heel slips up and out of the shoe. The back of a shoe should cling comfortably to your heel with each step.

Shallow Feet?

Most people measure only from the bottom of their foot for the width and length. Often people forget that a foot has volume. The depth is the area from the top of the foot to the bottom. Having a shallow foot means that the very top of a foot is lower than usual. Finding a right fit can be harder in this case. One will notice extra room in the upper area of a shoe and experience more heel lift than usual. In this case people will think a shoe is too big. A smaller size will only result in a shoe too small.

A way to fix this problem is to purchase an insole. Insoles will help add depth to your feet for a perfect fit. For the summer time, a sandal with adjustable straps are ideal.

Not every shoe will fit the way you want it to and we understand, sometimes an insole or an adjustable strap just won't do. If this is the case, it's best to accept that a shoe is not meant to be. Your feet will thank you later.

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