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Intellectual Property Policy

This policy should be considered as part of our Terms of Use.

Lilac Custom is a venue for independent artists, designers, and creatives. As such a venue, Lilac Custom takes intellectual property (IP) rights extremely seriously. We abide by IP laws and industry best practices in order to maintain the integrity of the Lilac Custom marketplace. This IP policy addresses how we respond to infringement allegations.

Lilac Custom is a marketplace of third-party sellers who operate their own shops and are responsible for complying with applicable laws. While we provide the marketplace, Lilac Custom does not manufacture or ship products. The content uploaded on Lilac Custom's marketplace is created by such sellers who are not employees or agents of Lilac Custom. Sellers are responsible for any and all content uploaded to the marketplace.

When we are notified of an IP infringement, Lilac Custom's goal is to respond as quickly as possible by removing the allegedly infringing material in question. When Lilac Custom removes content as a consequence of a notice, Lilac Custom may contact the member affected by the infringement claim and provide information about the notice and removal. Information regarding the IP owner's alleging infringement may also be provided.

Lilac Custom reserves the right to remove any piece of content, page, shop or entire account that we believe violates our Terms of Service (ToS) in addition to this IP policy. Lilac Custom also reserves the right to take action against those who abuse our IP policy or our ToS.

Before removing any material, Lilac Custom may ask for additional information relating to the claim. Notices or counter notices may be rejected by Lilac Custom if we believe the information contained therein is incomplete, false, fraudulent or otherwise submitted in bad faith.

Lilac Custom complies with the the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). For general DMCA notice requirements and DMCA designated agent, please click the link here.

At Lilac Custom's discretion, members who repeatedly infringe the IP policy may have their privileges and access to the marketplace suspended or terminated by Lilac Custom. Lilac Custom reserves the right to terminate an account and access to our services at any time, for any reason, and without notice.

If you are the intellectual property owner or the authorized representative who submitted a claim, Lilac Custom will accept a withdrawal from you if the withdrawal clearly states that it is a formal withdrawal and clearly identifies the affected member and/or content. This can be done by providing the username, page/shop name, or the Lilac Custom URLs.

Upon receiving a formal withdrawal, Lilac Custom will make reasonable attempts to contact the involved parties to confirm receipt from the submitting party and to inform the affected member of the withdrawal. Note, however, that a withdrawal does not guarantee any change to the affected member's shop status and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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